Members of Managing Committee

Sr. No Name Fathers / Husbands Name Designation
1 Shri. Anurag Singh Shri Ome Prakash Singh President
2 Smt. Snehlata Singh Dr. O.P. Chaudhari Vice President
3 Dr. Rakhi Kharbanda Dr.K. R. Kharbanda Secretary
4 Col. Satyendra Singh Shri N.B Singh Managing Director
5 Smt Preeti Singh Shri Sharad Singh Member
6 Shri. Amit Kumar Singh Shri P. M. N. Singh Member
7 Dr. Anuradha Sharma Prof. Y. K. Sharma Principal
8 Mrs. Nidhi Gulathi Shri S. P. Gulathi Vice Principal
9 Mr. Anirudh Kumar Tiwari Shri Y. N Tiwari Registrar

Form Managing Director's desk...

Managing Director's Message :

In the world where change is a buzzword and innovation is the basic necessity, AGEI teaches its students to ingrain innovativeness as a way of thinking that governs every aspects of life thereby to foster growth of business through its leaders and decision makers. Crafted with the guidance of leading Corporate, AITM's programs encompass a systematic approach in acquiring technological and managerial skills to enhance corporate sustainability. Since beginning, the AGEI has been providing solutions to industries and business, taking cognizance of ever changing need of dynamic business and technological environment. To meet these challenges, students of AITM have been striving to reach pinnacle of success through their hard work, integrity and leadership. The intelligence, high energy and exuberance of our students backed by their strong academic and analytical skills, assure that they bring an added measure of expertise to the industry.

AGEI has an amicable atmosphere, allowing all to share their thoughts and discuss various subjects. Every program is conscientiously designed to provide students with the skill set, attitude and commitment needed to capably manage the full range of global challenges.

The students at AGEI are both enthusiastic and sharp and possess a remarkable set of talents and abilities, which makes their experience all the more fulfilling. As part of a productive and knowledgeable academic family, they endeavor to constantly better themselves and achieve greater accomplishments. Furthermore, the curriculum which takes in to accounts the expectations of user industry, with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities and discipline, assists them in their varied pursuits. From a personal point of view as well, I envision AGEI to impart a global perspective, motivating students to excellence.

Col. Satyendra Singh

Managing Director
(Aryavart Group Of Educational Institutions)

Founder members of the society

The idea of establishing Sanskar Foundation was initiated by the inspiration and missionary zeal of Sri Om Prakash Singh, Ex. Minister of Higher & Intermediate Education. This idea was transformed into reality when the society of Sanskar Foundation was registered under Education Society Act in 2001, with fourty acres of land and endowment funds to the tune of fourty lakhs.

The society is named after Sanskars that are woven into the entire span of a man's life (right from pre birth to post death) for giving a spiritual touch to the important events at different stages. These sanskars gradually mould the human being making him perfect for achieving liberation - the ultimate goal of human life.

The mission of the society is to establish and strengthen institutions engaged in the activities of spreading education, upholding social cause, preserving and promoting Indian Cultural Heritage, serving the Humanity in general and weaker sections of the society in particular.

Mrs. Saroj Singh, President, Sanskar Foundation who served as Mayor of Banaras, has played very significant role in establishing Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management, from its conceptualization to realization.

The enormous support that Shri O.P. Chaudhary, Chaiman, Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences, has extended for nurturing AITM, also deserves to be mentioned.

From Chief Executive Director's desk...

It is a matter of great satisfaction that India has been promoting engineering education in the country over the last few years. Engineering colleges in the country have been growing at 20 per cent a year. According to the All India Council for Technical Education, India produced 4,01,791 engineers in 2003-04. In 2004-05, the number of engineering graduates increased to 4,64,743. Compared to India, the United States produces only 70,000 engineering graduates every year. All of Europe produces just 1,00,000.

But despite this engineering boom in India and rise in number of colleges, the quality of Indian engineers is questionable. According to a McKinsey Global Institute study on the emerging global labour market, India produces a large number of engineering graduates every year, but multinationals find that just 25 per cent of them are employable. Moreover, the growing centres of Higher education including those of engineering and technology, which were expected to radiate learning, develop technical skills, discipline and a sense of responsibility in the students towards the nation, seem to be breathing violence, indiscipline, strikes and political groupism.

Improving the suitability of graduates is far from simple, but it can be achieved gradually with careful planning and powerful execution. Aryavart Institute of Technology and Management is trying to take an initiative for it. It strives to develop professionals in the field of engineering and management who are globally competitive and locally responsive. Recognizing that the goal of education is to develop a broad and humanistic outlook among students, the Institute runs unique educational intervention and enrichment programmes. In sum, besides technical excellence, the congenial atmosphere at the Institute and various activities conducted here promote culture, sports, self-governance, and values, all of which help the students towards becoming complete human beings.

Most institutions measure their success through the placement record of their students. We are also planning and stepping ahead to do exceedingly well on this count. However, we intend to measure our success by the type of professionals raised here having high academic calibre and unblemished character, nurtured with a strong motivation and commitment to serve humanity; by the research done at the Institute; and the positive impact of technologies developed here on industry and society.

Finally, I wish that the students, taking admission at Aryavart, would be knowledge seeker, rather than a routine job seeker. They would have keenness to work hard, aptitude for serious studies, desire to develop innovative indigenous technologies having the potential to make a global impact and willingness to live up to the Institute's vision and mission.

Dr. Rakhi

Chief Executive Director
(Aryavart Group Of Educational Institutions)