Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging


Ragging is completely prohibited in the institute premises under the supervision of our very efficient Proctorial board as per AICTE regulations 01.07.2009 and UGC- 17.06.2009 and according to honorable Supreme Court of India. ‘Ragging’ is strictly banned.

The acts are mention as-

  • Indiscipline, teasing or rudeness.
  • physically harm or creating fears or mentally tortured.
  • Creating obstacles in any activity for college purpose.
  • To injured someone and disrupting dignity.
  • Any physical abusement.
  • Any kind of assembly/gathering.
  • Abusement by mobile/ media / mms /emails/ sms/ calls /public insult etc.

Punishment for Ragging

Any student or group of students, If found guilty of ragging in either place in campus or outside of campus, college bus, will be punished in one or more of the following punishments.

  • 1. Detain ship from the college.
  • 2. Scholarship debarred.
  • 3. Expelled from institute/ hostel.
  • 4. Debarred from internal exams.
  • 5. Imprisonment.
  • 6. Financial punishment.
  • 7. Debarring admission from any university.
  • 8. Mention of ragging act in character certificate.

Committee Constituted

1. Anti ragging committee

It is our responsibility to provide security and safe environment for new comers. So we have a committee under the supervision of our chief proctor/ proctorial board.Our responsibilities are to take regular round throughout Campus time to time. We visit surprisingly in hostel and in campus for routine inspections.

  • Helpline no: Mr. Jugunoo : +91- 8858712051
  • Security Incharge: Mr. Dharmendra Ji : +91- 9453711378
  • Police Station Local Ashiyana Thana: 0522-242589
  • Sr Security officer: +91- 8765453270
  • Chief Proctor: Dr. Santosh Singh : +91- 9305903223