About us


In today's perspective, any forward looking technology & management institute has four critical components - students, faculty, pedagogy, & placement on which the academic performance of the institute can be measured. So, we give very special attention on all the above four components.

Students :

Success full academic performance is ultimately influenced by the quality of students. Aryavart seeks students who take seriously their commitment to their community and their world, and are aware, active and involved. The Institute tends to cultivate in them an understanding of the technological, environmental and ethical challenges they will face in a world of accelerating change and encourage education that is distinctively interdisciplinary and international.

Faculty :

Teaching faculty is the main pillar of any educational body because they facilitate students learning and are the main source of knowledge and values which are imparted to the students. AITM flourishes under the guidance of eminent, experienced and extremely qualified educationists. Each department comprises of highly qualified full time faculty devoted to the very cause of imparting quality education. We always promote our faculty to gain new knowledge by the way of resources and association with industrial and corporate world. We use renowned guest faculty as per requirement of the students/courses.

Pedagogy :

The Institute has evolved a unique pedagogy - a perfect blend of theory with practical training. Our research & development team works round the year to ensure that our teaching methodology, study material & course content is up-to-date and as per students background knowledge and their learning goals.

Class room lectures are supplemented by a mix of additional pedagogy tools such as -

Problem solving techniques, management games and simultation exercise, brain storming sessions , case analysis, industry - based projects, group discussion, role playing and presentation, lab & field experiments.

Placement :

The placement cell performs liaison work between possible employers and the student. The institute regularly organizes interactive workshops with industry at the campus. The objective of this is to create an opportunity for- Our students to learn about specific companies and identify which lines of business they would like to work in,as per their aptitude & inclination.

About The Secretary

Aryavart group of Educational Institutions established in the year 2004 mainly due to the unremitting efforts of Sri Anurag Singh, Secretary, Sankar Foundation. The Institutes are the crystallized form of his innovative ideas, social sensitivity. Sincere concern for value based education and dynamic leadership.

He has missionary zeal to develop Educational Institutions:

Where the students may get knowledge based on Indian culture and Sanskars so that may shape the world of tomorrow along indigenous lines.

Where the student develop an international outlook so that they may excel in any field of their choice such as- Teaching, Medicine, Management, Technology of various kinds, Communication and other disciplines - with global vision and perspective under one roof.

With his forward looking educational plans and a will to implement them he is redefining the educational wave and leading the Institutes towards winder & brighter horizons.