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Today’s youth no longer feels that sense of integration and cohesion in their lives as they felt when traditional values were intact. Now they denounce human and moral values as outdated. They are unable to understand that one can not live in ad vacuum. It is not enough to pull down the existing structure, it is essential to make something new out of the ashes of past. No doubt, today’s aimlessly wandering, bewildered youth may feel directed by the invigorating words of Swami Vivekananda and find in him an unfailing and untiring work for total human development everywhere. He gave to the modern world-

  • A new view of man with infinite divine possibilities and as the master of his own destiny.
  • A new View of reality harmonizing Vedanta and Modern Sciences.
  • A new view of life as the manifestations of the higher levels of consciousness.
  • A new view of social order free from suppression and exploitation, ensuring uplift of the masses.
  • A new view of religion with intense practicality.

His teaching seems like a tonic for the depressed and demoralized minds of the youth. The Institutes of Higher Education have to come forward to share Vivekananda’s concern for humanity everywhere & pursue his noble mission to rejuvenate the drooping souls of the masses.

Being deeply concerned about the present scenario and altogether being deeply influenced by the ideology of Swami Vivekananda a few motivated students of A.I.H.E. have decided to unite under the banner of “Vivek Jyoti” with the motto ‘Service unto Humanity! Worship unto God!!’ Some other self-motivated individuals belonging to other educational Institutions have also extended their supportive hands to this group.